Lady having champagne in 42º Restaurant at Strahan Village
View 42° Restaurant & Bar

Harbour View Dining in Strahan

Please note View 42˚ Restaurant has seasonal opening times and is generally closed from May to September outside of special events. 

Enjoy premium dining on the West Coast of Tasmania, overlooking the beautiful Macquarie Harbour in Strahan. Delight in a cocktail or fine Tasmanian wine as you watch the sun go down and share stories of the day's adventures. Our buffet invites you to discover a seafood lover's paradise and showcases the best of local produce.

Closeup on some dishes served at Strahan Village Hotel
Closeup of dishes served with a view at Strahan Village Hotel
Lady having champagne in 42º Restaurant at Strahan Village
Buffet setup arranged in View 42º Restaurant at Strahan Village

View 42˚ Restaurant

Closed from the 5th of May until the 5th of September 2024. Hamer's Bar & Bistro is open year round and offers an extensive A` la carte menu featuring Tasmanian produce.

Highlighting the bounty of our local seafood, our buffet dinner features an array of culinary delights. You can expect whole ocean trout, oysters, smoked salmon, delicious salads, and hearty hot dishes. Afterwards, treat yourself to an exquisite dessert buffet showcasing a variety of tartlets, ice creams, beignets, and a thoughtfully curated selection of Tasmanian cheeses. We invite you to savour the flavours of Tasmania's West Coast, at one of Strahan's best restaurants.

Breakfast buffet 7:00am - 9:00am

Buffet breakfast pricing: Adults $32pp, children $16pp

Dinner buffet 6:00 pm - 8:30pm

Buffet dinner pricing: $75 per person

View sample menu*

*Items on our menu may change regularly in order to take advantage of the freshest seasonally available produce.   

Reservations are essential. To book, call the restaurant on (03) 6471 4361.

View 42˚ Bar

Relax and savour perfectly curated Tasmanian wines as you admire one of the most breathtaking vistas on the West Coast of Tasmania. Our lounge area with wood fire invites you to unwind and to treat yourself with pre-dinner drinks.

Closed from May - September 2024.

View 42˚ offers an elevated bar experience, with contemporary cocktails and a curated assortment of Tasmanian wines. This is the perfect spot to watch the sun go down over the harbour.

The story behind View 42˚

The west coast of Tasmania is like no other place in the world; it’s wild, rugged and breathtakingly beautiful. It’s here in Strahan that you’ll breathe some of the freshest air in the world. View 42˚ gets its name from the prevailing westerly winds that circulate in the southern hemisphere; you may have heard of them as the ‘roaring forties’. As these winds travel across the vast Southern Ocean all the way from Argentina, they hit the first landmass at around 42 degrees latitude south before reaching the west coast of Tasmania. Here, the rugged terrain and ancient rainforests influence the airflow to act as a temperature regulator, cooling the air. View 42 degrees represents a place for embracing the wild winds and fresh open air of the West Coast. At the end of your days, we invite you to cosy up by our fireplace on our outdoor deck with a glass of wine in hand and bear witness to the spectacular western sunset Strahan is renowned for.