People on The Pillinger Explorer tour near Strahan Village
The Pillinger Explorer

Discover historic ruins

aboard MV Sophia

Journey deep into Macquarie Harbour to explore the fascinating history and ruins of Pillinger, once a thriving town, but condemned to failure three years after settlement.

People at the Lighthouse in West Coast near Strahan Village

Step ashore to walk among the the ruins of Pillinger, which the rainforest has slowly been reclaiming over the last 100 years. Hear the tales of boom and bust as industry took hold in the western wilderness’ colonial era.

Cruise to Hells Gates at the mouth of Macquarie Harbour to witness the engineering marvel that has been helping ships navigate the narrow channel entry for over a century. Before returning to Strahan, step ashore at Bonnet Island to hear tales of lighthouse keepers' past, as you enjoy views of Ocean Beach and beyond.

The Pillinger Explorer is a fully guided and catered experience, showcasing some of the best Tasmanian produce as you navigate your way through the wilderness and history of a remarkable part of Tasmania.

Please note, this tour is not suitable for guests with limited mobility or for children under 5 years old.


A lady on The Pillinger Explorer tour near Strahan Village