Train at West Coast Wilderness Railway near Strahan Village
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There is absolutely no shortage of local attractions and activities at Strahan and the west coast of Tasmania – this is a place of discovery, exploration and adventure. 

Cruise ship at Gordon River near the Strahan Village

Gordon River Cruise

Cruise deep into the UNESCO Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area aboard Spirit of the Wild. Journey in Whipser Mode through temperate rainforest, witness breathtaking reflections and learn of the west's rugged past.

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People on The Pillinger Explorer tour near Strahan Village

The Pillinger Explorer

Aboard the MV Sophia discover the fascinating history and ruins of Pillinger, once a thriving town, but condemned to failure three years after settlement. A small-group tour, complete with gourmet lunch.

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A Couple at the train station near Strahan Village

West Coast Wilderness Railway

All aboard for a half-day steam train journey across the rack and pinion track, through old growth forest and the King River Gorge. Sit back in comfort and enjoy the guide’s stories of the railway and its history.

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Performers in The Sarah Island near Strahan Village Hotel

The Ship That Never Was

Join in the fun at Australia's longest continuously play. Enjoy the hilarious and drama-filled true story from 1834 of 10 convict shipwrights who make an escape from Sarah Island. Bookings essential. 

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Wilderness Walks

Across the west coast there are walks and adventures to suit every ability. Venture through rainforests, admire waterfalls and spot special flora and fauna. One of our local favourites is Hogarth Falls.

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Henty Dunes

For adrenaline seekers, sand tabogganing at Henty Dunes is a must. Contact our friends at Gordon River Cruises on (03) 6471 4300 or email to hire a taboggan.

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Closeup on toasting 2 champagne glasses at Strahan Village


Finish your day exploring the wild west coast with a whisky or wine tasting at View 42° Restaurant & Bar, overlooking Macquarie Harbour. We serve a wide range of Tasmanian drops perfect for relaxing evenings. 

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Couple riding bicycles near Hilltop harbor at Strahan Village

Bike Hire

Take on the Strahan foreshore on two wheels. Bike hire is available from Strahan Village reception. Feel free to pop in and see us, give us a call us on (03) 6471 4200 or email

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View of the Queens town street near Strahan Village Hotel


Discover the culture, heritage and wilderness across the west coast. Chat with our staff about the best local secrets to discover and check our News and What's On sections for information on the latest attractions and events. 

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Our blog

North to west: top kid-approved pitstops

Home to UNESCO World Heritage Wilderness, mining history and quirky towns, the west coast is jam-packed with family friendly adventures. For the road-trippers joining us from northern Tasmania, we’ve put together the ultimate list of kid-approved pitstops, sure to replace the dreaded ‘are we there yet?’ with ‘where to next?!’.

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A family on a hike in the mountains near Strahan Village Hotel
South to west: top kid-approved pitstops

We know it can be a fair drive heading out west, especially with the little ones in the back. But the Lyell Highway is packed with kid-friendly pitstops that’ll make your journey across to Strahan one to remember.

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A father & a kid observing the surrounding at Strahan Village
Strahan with Kids - Family travel on the west coast

With Tasmanian school holidays coming up soon, we asked two of our local experts about their tips for enjoying the west coast with the kids.  Jenni Klippert is our Front Office Manager and Leanne Hays is the Retail Manager at the award-winning Gordon River Cruises.

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Burger & fries in Hamer's Bar & Bistro at Strahan Village Hotel
West Coast Wilderness Railway Reopening

As one of Tasmania’s favourite experiences prepares for recommencement, we caught up with Ashley from the West Coast Wilderness Railway to hear about the upside of downtime and any changes to the railway experience to look out for in September 2020.

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A Train running on a bridge near Strahan Village Hotel
West Coast Winter Weekend Itinerary

After spending a few months cooped up indoors, there’s no better excuse to get out and explore the Tassie wilderness. Tasmania’s west coast is a truly remarkable place, filled with natural beauty and opportunity for adventure around every corner. We sat down with a couple of our team members to unpack the ideal west coast itinerary for a long weekend away in winter.

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Mountains in Tasmania’s wild west coast near Strahan Village
Reopening Q&A with Todd Roberts

At Strahan Village we are excited to be back welcoming Tasmanians for a west coast getaway. We recently had a chat with general manager, Todd Roberts to learn about recent updates across the business to help deliver an unforgettable guest experience whilst adhering to coronavirus safety regulations.

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Exterior view of Village Waterfront Cottage at Strahan Village
West coast weather

Tasmania’s wild west coast is a place like no other. Rich in natural and human history, it is the gateway to Tasmania’s UNESCO Wilderness World Heritage Area. Despite its remote location, the ancient forests, harsh terrain and historical towns are easily accessible through a scenic drive or flight.

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Couple looking at the Gordon River near Strahan Village
A Strahan Story - By Linda Karlsson

I moved to Brisbane from Sweden 4 years ago and quickly realised that taking a long weekend is embedded in the Aussie culture. With that in mind, my partner Calum and I took the Friday off work to explore Strahan. Despite being Tassie locals since 2018, we weren’t sure what to expect as neither of us had been further west than Mt Field. Our neighbour described Strahan as a rugged place which used to be the holiday town for just as rough miners but assured us it changed since then. 

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Landscape view of West Coast Beach near Strahan Village Hotel
Short walks in the Western Wilds: 5 leg-stretchers between Hobart and Strahan

Starting at the Parks and Wildlife Visitor Centre, you can pick those who just completed the Overland Track with their boots off and toes bare. As soon as you start the walk, you’re surrounded by silver wattles and waratahs. The bustling sound of hikers seems miles away. It’s a leisurely walk on an easily accessible flat surface. At the end, where the two rivers meet, a picnic table is strategically placed for you to enjoy a little snack. I’d recommend walking along the beach back. The lake reflections are out of the ordinary and if lucky you might have the pleasure of meeting the local Lake St Clair Echidna! 

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Entrance of the Overland Track near Strahan Village Hotel
Traditional Mexican Margarita

From Jocelyn Garcia, chef at Strahan Village

Makes 3-4 serves

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Glass of a Traditional Mexican Margarita at Strahan Village
Wildlife - Paddies, Possums and Wombats

The forests, coastal heath, scrub and grassy plains of Tasmania’s west coast are a perfect habitat for many of the state’s marsupial species. Among the most frequently encountered of these are our pademelons, possums and wombats.

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Wombat captured on a tree in the Wilderness at Strahan Village
Wildlife - Little Penguin

One of the west coast’s most endearing residents is the little penguin. This utterly charming little bird (also known as the fairy penguin) is the world’s smallest penguin, growing to a length of around 40 cm and weighing just one kilo when fully grown.

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Two baby penguins in the Wilderness near Strahan Village
Wildlife - Devils and Quolls

One of Tasmania’s most intriguing native animals is the Tasmanian devil.

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Tasmanian Devil at freycinet national park near Strahan Village
Wildlife - Birds

Tasmania’s west coast is home to a dazzling number of birds, and the protected forests of the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park provide shelter for some of our rarest species.

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Condor bird flying in the sky near Strahan Village
Wildlife - Whales and Dolphins

Strahan is located on the edge of Macquarie Harbour—a vast waterway that opens into the wild Southern Ocean through the narrow opening at Macquarie Heads—Hell’s Gates.

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Dolphin at the sea near Strahan Village
Wildlife - Platypus and Echidnas

The west coast of Tasmania is home to two of Australia’s most intriguing animals—the platypus and the echidna.

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Platypus in the west coast of Tasmania near Strahan Village
Wildlife - Lizards, Snakes and Frogs

In spite of the island’s generally cool climate, Tasmania is home to a number of reptile species, ranging from small, jewel coloured skinks, to frogs and three species of snake. Tasmanian reptiles are active mainly during the warm summer months.

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Frog on a rock at freycinet national park near Strahan Village
Sarah Island

The discovery of Huon pine in the Gordon River led directly to the decision to establish Van Diemen’s Land’s first penal station on remote Sarah Island.

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A Couple at Sarah Island near Strahan Village
A Rainforest Like No Other

The rainforests of Tasmania’s remote west are not your typical, movie-set forests—all steaming jungle, hanging vines and coiling pythons. These protected rainforests are cool, dark and damp—peaceful havens where the trunks of rare trees are cloaked in velvety green mosses and lichens.

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A Couple at the Rainforest near the Strahan Village

Rail has been a major part of Strahan’s history since the town was founded in 1880.

During the 1890s, mining development on the west coast created the need for rail services, and before long a network of narrow gauge railways and tramways were servicing mines throughout the region.

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Couple watching the trains in the station near Strahan Village
Ocean Beach

If you want to get a sense of just how wild, beautiful and remote Tasmania’s west coast really is, take some time to visit Ocean Beach.

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People walking on the beach at sunset near Strahan Village
Macquarie Harbour

Macquarie Harbour is Australia’s second largest natural harbour, after Port Phillip Bay in Victoria. This vast waterway is six times the size of Sydney Harbour and measures 35 kilometres in length and nine kilometres across. While most parts of Macquarie Harbour are relatively shallow, it is up to 50 metres deep in some places.

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Couple on the jetty in Macquarie Harbor near Strahan Village
The Original People of Tasmania's West Coast

Tasmanian Aboriginal people have been part of this land for more than 35,000 years. Sometime during the last Ice Age, Aboriginal tribes crossed the land bridge spanning Bass Strait, becoming the most southerly-dwelling humans on Earth. When the glaciers retreated and sea levels rose around 12,000 years ago, Tasmanian Aboriginals became isolated from the mainland, developing a rich culture unlike any other on the planet.

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Landscape view of the Gordon River near Strahan Village Hotel
Huon Pine

Tasmania is known for its exquisite rainforest timbers, and the most famous of these is undoubtedly Huon pine.

Huon pine (Lagarostrobos franklinii) is a native conifer that grows in the wet temperate forests of Tasmania’s south west wilderness. This is an extremely slow growing tree, with a growth rate of just 1mm per year. Huon pine is thought to live up to 3000 years and is Australia’s oldest living tree.

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Couple Working at Huon Pine near Strahan Village
Gordon River

The elegant curves of the Gordon River have their origin at Lake Richmond in the King William Range, within the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park.

This beautiful river flows west over 172 kilometres and descends 570 metres on its journey to Tasmania’s west coast, where it empties into Macquarie Harbour through the narrow opening at Hell’s Gates.

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People watching the River from the ship near Strahan Village
Walking the Strahan Foreshore

One of the best ways to discover Strahan is to take a walk along the town’s foreshore track. This hour long walk follows the path of the old Government Railway line that once ran between Strahan and Zeehan. Along the way, you’ll pass a number of historic buildings that each tell a fragment of the story of Strahan’s past.

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The Strahan Foreshore track near Strahan Village
TODAY - Live broadcast from Strahan

We couldn't be more excited to welcome the TODAY Show to Strahan for tomorrow's live broadcast. It's a huge event for our beautiful part of Tasmania and our community is ready to turn it on for the team from TODAY.  Even the weather looks set to behave for the big day!

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Train Engine at Wilderness Railway near Strahan Village Hotel
West Coast Bound - Must See Highlights

When you are traveling to Tasmania’s west coast, regardless of where you are driving from, the journey is part of the attraction.

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Rainbow reflection at Tasmania west coast near Strahan Village
Strahan Helicopters - A new day tour in Strahan

The West Coast of Tasmania is nothing short of spectacular and viewed from the air, it's even better. 

Strahan Helicopters is a new scenic flight, transfer and charter helicopter tour operator in Strahan and we're excited to say a warm West Coast welcome to their team.

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Environment from the air at Strahan Village
Touring Tasmania in the New Tesla Electric Vehicle | Day Five

Day Five: Cradle Mountain Hotel to Devonport 

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A Man at the Cradle Mountain near The Strahan Village
Touring Tasmania in the New Tesla Electric Vehicle | Day Four

Day Four: Freycinet Lodge to Cradle Mountain Hotel

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A Man at the Cradle Mountain near the Strahan Village
Touring Tasmania in the New Tesla Electric Vehicle | Day Three

Day Three: Strahan Village to Freycinet Lodge

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Tesla Electric car at Queenstown Station near Strahan Village
Touring Tasmania in the New Tesla Electric Vehicle | Day Two

Day Two: Devonport to Strahan Village

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Red Tesla Electric car driving on the road near Strahan Village
Touring Tasmania in the New Tesla Electric Vehicle | Day One

Day One: Melbourne to Hobart on the Spirit of Tasmania

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Exterior view of the Tesla showroom near Strahan Village
Delightful Diversions: The Ten Best Activities In Strahan

With fewer than a thousand permanent residents, visitors to quaint Strahan often wonder how they will find enough things to do. In fact, most find that they haven’t allowed enough time to enjoy all the attractions of the region. Whether you wish to appreciate the Strahan region’s natural beauty or cultural heritage, here are the top ten activities to fit into your itinerary.

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Hilltop Harbor view from the Strahan Village Hotel
Strahan Tasmania: There's nothing like local knowledge! | By Laura Wilson

In such a vibrant little seaside town, it's not hard to find things to do in Strahan. Whether it's rest and relaxation one's after? Or perhaps it's a bit of adventure and exploration? Or maybe it's a thirst for knowledge and history? The best thing to do sometimes, is ask the locals where to go!

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Coffee Shack and Morsels café near Strahan Village Hotel
Highlights of touring in Tasmania’s west | By Laura Wilson

When looking for itinary ideas for Tasmania a local’s perspective is always recommended. One of the incredible things about living in such a small state is that travelling to its hotspots can all be done by car! 

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Landscape view of trees & the lake near Strahan Village Hotel
The Wonders of Strahan at Different Stages of the Day | By Laura Wilson

When waking up in Strahan, one will be greeted by the blissful sound of complete and utter silence. But don’t waste time in bed! Each moment here is precious and provides a completely unique perspective of the beauty Strahan has to offer.

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Sophia Vessel at Gordon River near the Strahan Village
The Taste of Tasmania and the Best View in Town | By Laura Wilson

Tasmania is renowned for its world-class fresh local produce and Strahan restaurants feature the best of what’s on offer! When looking for places to eat in Strahan, then a short 5-minute trek up hill is View 42° Restaurant. Nothing good in life comes easy, right? Rest assured a few minutes uphill is well worth the view and food awaiting.

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Hilltop Harbor view from the Strahan Village
Step Back In Time: Explore The Past At Strahan Cemetary

Strahan has many tales to tell from its 140-year history. In its heyday, this isolated town attracted a variety of characters as its logging and mining industries developed. The historic Strahan cemetery stands as testimony to Strahan’s colourful past.

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View of the Town from 42° Restaurant at Strahan Village
Nature At Its Finest: Adventure On The Derwent And King Rivers With King River Rafting

There is no better way to appreciate Mother Nature than spending a day rafting on Tasmania’s iconic rivers. King River Rafting offers tours on the Derwent River near Hobart and King River near Queenstown. They can also organise custom tours for groups if you have a particular request.

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People water rafting at king River near the Strahan Village
Epic Masterpiece In Forest Setting: The Wall in the Wilderness

For those who prefer to see some of Tasmania’s less touristed spots, the hamlet of Derwent Bridge provides a wonderful stopover when travelling between Hobart and Strahan. Its main attraction is The Wall in the Wilderness, a masterful work of art which has almost reached completion. Not only will you see an extraordinary artwork, but you will appreciate Tasmania’s past through the epic tales contained within.

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A Man at the wall in the wilderness near Strahan Village Hotel
Engineering Marvel Gains International Acclaim: Ride The Award-Winning West Coast Wilderness Railway

Travellers on Queenstown’s breathtaking West Coast Wilderness Railway know Lynchford Station as the location of a former gold mine where they have the chance to pan for gold themselves. Recently, a ceremony was held here to present the railway with a highly coveted Engineering Heritage International Marker. This remarkable feat of engineering has previously won awards; however, this latest recognition has only been given to seven Australian constructions.

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A Train running on a bridge near the Strahan Village Hotel
Daily Dose Of Exercise: Sandboarding At Henty Dunes In Strahan

If you feel that you have overindulged on Tasmania’s gastronomic delights and are seeking a little active fun, the Henty Sand Dunes near Strahan will definitely give you a workout. Considered to be the most magnificent sand dunes in Tasmania, this “locals’ secret” is signposted on the Zeehan-Strahan road.

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Landscape view of the Sandy desert near Strahan Village Hotel
Chip Off The Old Block: See Antique Equipment In Action At Morrison's Huon Pine Sawmill

Finding Morrison's Huon Pine Sawmill isn’t difficult for Strahan visitors. When strolling along the esplanade, you won’t be able to resist the delightful fragrance of freshly-cut Huon pine. This is a fourth generation family business which harks back to the romance and pioneering spirit of early loggers who navigated intrepid rivers to obtain the precious timber.

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Toolroom with Antique Equipment near the Strahan Village
West Coast Wanderings

The West Coast is home to some of the most magnificent scenery in Tasmania and has an incredibly rich history to match. Strahan is the perfect base to explore this; whether you are visiting for a few nights, or have a little more time on your hands; there are wonders and wanders to suit all.

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A Lady at West coast wanderings near Strahan Village
Untamed Beauty | Explore Ocean Beach When Staying In Strahan

When planning your tour of Tasmania, include the rugged West Coast with its windswept beaches, cold climate rainforests and fascinating history. The small town of Strahan is an ideal base allowing you to enjoy the sense of isolation that comes with staying in one of the world’s most far-flung places.

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The Ship that Never Was

In order to fully appreciate your cruise to the Gordon River and Sarah Island, make sure you see the play The Ship That Never Was. Held in the Richard Davey Amphitheatre near the Strahan Tourist Information Centre, this highly-entertaining performance brings history to life as you learn the fate of the Sarah Island convicts. Audiences have been coming to see this play for over twenty-two years so this is definitely an experience not to be overlooked.

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Performers at The Ship that Never Was near Strahan Village
Convicts And Loggers | Visit Strahan to Learn the Unique Huon Pine Story

The Huon Pine is only found in Tasmania. Some Huon Pines are over 3000 years old, an incredible feat as this slow-growing tree only increases in girth by two millimeters every year. The waterproof, bug resistant wood was attractive to early European settlers. The story of Huon Pine captures the hardships and ingenuity of these pioneers.

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Couple reading Huon Pine Story board near the Strahan Village
From Mines To Ancient Rainforests | A Study in Contrasts with Queenstown Heritage Tours

Carved out of the mountains that rise starkly above it, Queenstown has an old mining town feel. Nearby, spectacular cold climate rainforests can be seen; however, the hillsides were denuded in the past exposing bare pink and grey granite boulders. Learn more about this delicate tug-of-war between nature and industry by visiting some local sites that may not initially come to mind as tourist attractions.

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People at Queenstown Heritage Mountains near Strahan Village
Full Steam Ahead | Explore Strahan's Past On Authentic Rack

Exploring the cool temperate rainforest is one of the most popular activities in Strahan on Tasmania’s west coast. A cruise is one option to view this pristine wilderness. Another exciting way to gain a different perspective of the ancient forest’s majesty is via the West Coast Wilderness Railway. Train buffs, history enthusiasts and nature lovers will definitely not want to miss this unique experience.

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A Train Engine at Wilderness Railway near Strahan Village